Getting into gear

I ran along the beach in the Santa Monica mist this morning.  The mist may be hovering, but in my mind it is clearing…a tad. 

Jet lag is dispating and I am starting to wake up in this new city, the city I recognize as it has pulled me back here so many times.  Why?  God knows.  I actually prefer San Fransico.  I’ve changed so much since I was last here, not just the new gleeming smile and the name but I’ve grown up…a tad.  I am focussing more on what I want, asking God for more, I’ve had time to just be, time for people and time to realise what I want even more.  Don’t get me wrong I am not a book at the dot on the very last page.  I’m perhaps in the middle, where the tone has been set, the protagonist has gone through the mill and is just getting a manicure to get the dirt from her nails where she clawed herself out and had been licking her wounds for a while…metaphorically speaking of course, though a polish would be most welcome, along with a bikini wax and an eyebrow tidy up.  Pampering like this would not of even been considered a year ago but as I say, I’m finding the woman in me again and she acutally likes to look nice!

I’m staying just off Main Street in a room that has so many carved wooden boats and yachts racing across the walls it is hard not to get sea sick.  Rugs too, this holiday rental has rugs for their rugs!  Its ok though, I little dingy as it is a basement room but my hostess is friendly and has a cute little dog.


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