Streets full of treasures

Is it wrong to follow a man for three blocks because he walks like an ex-lover?  It was like there was an invisible chain, pulling me along behind him, pining and pathetic!  My eyes fixated on the bounce in his step and his slightly bowed legs.  Oh God, the depths to which I have plunged.  When not stalking random strangers, I am walking many miles, slowly uncovering the 24 neighbourhoods that are San Francisco.   

After a weekend refueling in the Muir Woods, escaping the strong sun and reaching for the trees, breathing in gulps of green like lichen.  

I was recharged and ready to go explore the streets of San Francisco some more.  I strongly believe (and sometimes doubt) we are all divinely guided, and all of life is there for us, waiting to be accepted or chosen.  San Francisco’s sidewalks and alleys are literally awash with signs, words, messages from people just like us.  Experiencing the same joys, hang-ups, questions and answers.  Right now my life is still in search mode, my place in America yet to be made clear.  As I seek my place, I hunt the world for clues, and dive within myself for answers (driving myself half bloody crazy!).  Today, this is what my eyes saw.   Still battling with WP, I wanted to upload a gallery of pics but was nearly sent half crazy trying to do so.

I did have a couple of wants on my scrappy ‘to do list’, one was to feed my soul with some art and learn something new, away from the frustrations of being tied up in knots teaching myself how to blog.  I wanted to visit the Jewish Museum of Contemporary Art.   I’ve been curious about Judaism for a while.   I am loathe to admit to my ignorance, I’ve just been busy doing other things. I had an idea it was more of a populus than a religion.  The Jewish Museum of Contemporary Art, part of the Yerba Gardens .   Lush landscaping, the canvas for 2 1/2 acres of Art and gardens.  Within it the Jewish museum is an architectural delight; cathedral tall,  pristine walls and diamond skylights.  Why is it that just being in a beautiful place has the effect of making you feel elevated and beautiful too?   Three exhibitions straddled two floors, the first was the wonderfully, enchanting story behind the creators of Curious George.  The illustrator, H.A Rey and his author wife Magret, were born in Hamburg, but made their life in Paris for a few years, before the Nazi’s invaded.  They narrowly escaped the hideous fate of millions and bravely crossed Europe on their bikes to become refugees, eventually setting up a new life in New York in 1940.  I thought it amazing, the courage and love they shared and their hopeful, childlike view on life, which animated the character of Curious George,seemingly untouched by the war, and being forced to leave their beloved Paris.  

 The other exhibit hosted Black Sabbath, a musical display where ‘visitors can learn how Black artists treated Jewish music as a resource for African-American identity, history, and politics.  I heard the best version of  Over the Rainbow by Patti Labelle and the Bluebells.  I couldn’t find the acutal version on line but it is pretty darn close.  You can listen to it if you want –

I also learned about the Torah, The word “Torah” , a Hebrew word which means “to teach.”   Basically, I understand, it is the script by which the laws are followed (to the letter) by Jews today.  It takes a year to write and specialist scribes (usually men) are appointed to take on this reverential task.  Aparently, it is said the Torah is God’s blueprint for man kind.  I found it fascinating.  I also became part of the ‘people’s Torah’, my hand rendered as a digitised image, and assigned a letter and a sound and now floating around on a website. 

 I fumbled through my memory of the exhibition so please, let me not offend any of my Jewish friends by my lack of understanding, instea see it as a desire to understand it more (however late in life).  

A great day, which as ever, answered few of my questions, populated plenty more and the result is I feel dumber than ever.   Bugger!


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