Help needed. The Postcard Cafe – working title

Hey, my postcard project is coming along and now I want to start uploading the people and postcards to a blog and I need help selecting a name.

I have, for long time, love sending and collecting random and interesting postcards and I love people and their stories, I love food. So, I came up with the idea of having a gallery of the amazing people I meet and greedily capturing a tiny slither of their essence on a back of a postcard and sharing them around… chips or popcorn or perhaps chocolate, unless it’s really nice then you’d probably scoff it all yourself in a dark cupboard somewhere…or is that just me?

 The Postcard Cafe (working title) is all (and not limited to) about handing out postcards to people I meet and asking them to scribble a story or anything, it could be a picture, thumbprint through ketchup or a crayon rubbing of their dogs paw!  it is up to them.  They imprint their own unique genius on the back of the card they choose.  The only stipulation is to write what they ate, or didn’t eat, for breakfast.  The rest is….random.  

I am so excited about it as I get to keep an awesome memory of them and I also get to keep the card!  They get…..? to be creative and to be enjoyed by you.

I need your help to come up with  a name for the website and the project that’s fun and a bit quirky or it could even be direct and totally obvious. 

What do you think?  Any ideas?  The pictures are of a real sweetie called Danielle I met.  She is obsessed with breakfast and taking pictures of people eating…how’s that for a serendipitous meeting!  I am egging her on to put them on a website.  She is so crazy (in a wonderful way) she even had bacon and eggs tattooed on her hip…aren’t humans the best!  Write me your ideas.  The most bestest will get an amazing prize….a postcard!  and, AND the knowledge that they made a contribution and will be heralded for it for all eternity.  I know, great eh?!


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