Happy 2011 and ever after!

First blog of 2011.  How exciting….a whole new, 365 days and nights to play with….before we get another top up. 

Arizona is still in the freezer.  I borrowed some gloves and a purple hat.  I am happy again.  I drove along the 179 North today, and the snow had not yet evaporated from the red rock at this higher elevation.  The trees were still playing host to a billion snow flakes and the rocks were fringed with ice spears.  Wildlife count for the day….1 bunny rabbit.

I did my first hike.  My enthusiasm was thawing.  I hiked up to a big Chapel in the rocks, a modernist design that a woman dreamed up, took 30 years to decide where to put it and get it constructed.  The Chapel and the red monoliths, named to reflect their shape… Snoopy, Coffee Pot, Camel…you get the idea,  and the weird ‘energy vortex…vorticies?’ that is said to be pulsing away under the cactus,  bring millions of visitors to Sedona every year. 

Today my body warmed up….. switched ‘survival mode’ down from code red, and I began to enjoy the brilliance of the area.  At night I hiked under the stars… 

These are pictures of Jerome and the landscape as I drove to and from.  It is an art town, 1 mile up.  It was very cute, with streaks of ‘hippy’ running through it and effing cold.  I raced around it, doing the ‘tourist’ thang. 

Southwestern mountain range Sedona National Park1 mile up...a deserted JeromeThis is the type of view I drove for 14 hours to witness...awesome

I forgot my camera today, well not strictly true…the camera was happily bumping along in my bag but the little card that sucks up all my pics was sitting at home on my couch.  Please use your imagination for the visuals that I failed to provide.  For snow on trees, think Christmas card, for rocks that look like cartoon characters and dromidaries…..think cute dog and The Nights of Arabia…but in red…and in a rock. 

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One Response to Happy 2011 and ever after!

  1. janellest says:

    glad you decided to stick like the snow and tour a bit. happy 2011!

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