Devils Bridge

The second day of 2011.

View from my bedroom window

Today was awesome.  I frequently have little idea of what I want to do when I wake up.  So I go through the, breakfast, run on treadmill (if icicles hang from tree outside) whilst marvelling at the tri-coloured rock of Thunder mountain, shower, lunch (gets it out of the way) and then?….today I decided to get on my gum boots and hike to Devils Bridge a mile or so out of town.  I had to gee myself up for it.  Energy was low as not been sleeping too well.  I always sleep well, but the last few days i’ve picked up on far too many conversations about aliens and ‘weird energy’, and watched too much of the History channel and documentary’s about Vril people who were supposedly blue skinned, Hitler and his interest in alien life forms and Nostradamus and the end of the world.  Against my better judgement, it has me spooked.  But, truth is…part of me wants to be.

Anyway, I wanted to hike so I set off on the trail.

Trail head Devils Bridge

 A bunch of about 20 guys where hollering and being…well, boys…in front of me.  ‘So, we’ve picked up a hiker’, one of them said as I passed.  ‘No, I’ve picked up twenty of you!’ I threw back and passed them by. 

I walked in peace for about an hour, wondering if I was going the right way. 

Snow pom poms

Desert Cactus

 The path started to climb.  I considered turning back just as I bumped into a middle-aged couple, tackling a decent on snowy steps, along a wall of  huge terracotta rocks.  ‘Is it worth it…the view I mean?   The womans face lit up and with a soft German/American accent she stoked my enthusiasm and encouraged me to go on.   The trail grew steep and narrow.  I heard the guys shouting to each other way down below.  Then I saw it…a magnificent arch, with a narrow, ledge covered in snow. 

Wow...What view. Devils Bridge

My stomach lurched as I realised I was going to walk out to it.

The guys appeared through the trees as I stood in the centre of the arch.  They shouted across, ‘do you want us to take a picture?….we can email it to you’. 

The name John.. on the Devils Bridge

I returned the favour as they stood in a line.  I was so happy they had arrived.  Their four figures adding perspective to my photography….and, more to the point, people to share the joy with.

As I passed each one by as I went on my way, each one greeted me, shyly or with vigour.  One, gave me a hand to help me down icy steps, or some just smiled.  I laughed out loud as I could hear their vocal reactions upon encountering the Bridge.

I caught up with, the couple I’d met on the way up and walked back along the trail. We chatting about the joy of travel, shared our stories.  Robert had clearly spent over 50 years feeding his love of the planet.  They affirmed the worthiness of other places I’d thought about seeing in the area.  Stoking my excitement further.  Tomorrow, I am setting my compass to take me East…… to a meteorite crater.  Whoo hoo!


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  1. Guys greeting you, helping you over slippy slopes, surely one of them must fit in your backpack.

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