CraSHING to EArth

hEY, TAke my hand…walk with me…

Whoo hoo..the OPEN road!

A quarter section of a big ass hole where a big ass meteor slammed into Arizona

Me! the other side is a mile away....jeeze!

A caught this rock trying to mimmick the me

Wow, what a view...YES of Me! and not the San Francisco peaks in the, in Flagstaff, AZ and not California

can you read what it says?

An alternative view of Aspen Street in Flagstaff, Arizona

Another day…living the dream…Thank you God..and Dickie, who handed me my dreams.  I cried a tear for him today.  A scientist, and my best friend, we would have had the best day today, talking physics, nuclear fusion, asking a million questions, him doing his best to help me understand.  We’d have giggled too, at the images we’d have made out of the clouds.   He is no longer I giggled by myself!


About indialeigh

I LOVE your comments...come share... x All photography published on this journal is by me, unless stated otherwise. Please do not use any of my images without contacting me first. Thank you for your understanding.
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4 Responses to CraSHING to EArth

  1. amy says:

    arizona is like another planet, dont you think? enjoy that scenery, you jammy bugger x

  2. RORY says:

    Still reading , still enjoying . xx .

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