Ever have one of those days, when whatever you’ve planned is not what happens?  Where you get a bit of a kick up the ass and made to feel humble?

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An ass...


My agenda was a day  around cutsie Flagstaff and checking out the sun through a telescope at the LLowel Observatory.  I didn’t even leave Sedona.  I ran (as planned) then headed to the Laundry Basket launderette.  When I am getting ready to leave somewhere I must have all my washing done.  I don’t know why….it’s just an unwritten law I proclaimed sometime back.  I had to ask the guy working there about the machines and change and stuff.  He seemed helpful, seemed like he wanted to chat.  I on the other hand did NOT want to engage in conversation with a person in a laundromat. I wanted to go to the library and do some research.  I was bugged.  How could I be polite and slip past him out the door?  I know, I know, how effing judgemental right?!  I do try to be open to meeting good people, give people the time of day, but sometimes…’why I oughtta!’…… I act like such a frigging cow.

George (the laundry guy) bloody melted my standoffishness, persisting despite my stuck up attitude.  What transpired?…..An hour and a half passed….George followed me from the washer to the dryer to the folding station.  Telling me stories of the people who pass through his wash stop.  How he rose like a phoenix and fate put the Washing Basket in his way and his life transformed.   He has postcards from people all around the world.  People who may of only gone in with one load of dirty washing and come out clean.  They remembered him with such fondness.  God gave him a place to be and he radiates there.  I visited him twice more today, once to take him a reuben sandwich I just had to get him to experience (oh my, oh my…d’lish) and another to chat after a hike among the red rocks.

Ahh, the joy of folded laundry!

I am off to write my lines….I must not be a judgemental ass.  I must not be a judgemental ass. 

People are awesome, in ALL guises.

Like the icy ventricles of my heart! 😉


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4 Responses to Laundry

  1. RORY says:

    Reuben sandwich …. Better than a Bacon Buttie …. Never ! ha ha xx

  2. Ok whats a Reuben Sandwich?

    • indialeigh says:

      Oh man its the best sandwich! Buttery toasted bread with a filling of marinated seitan (vegan meat subsititute), sauerkraut, vegan mayo (better than regular stuff!), thousand island dressing, soy cheese and onions. it is creamy and vinegary, and sweet and salty and bloody DELICIOUS. and all totally, messily, heavenly..VEGAN. A diner in chicago got voted No4 on the Food network for its Reuben, as best in the States and of a mainly carnivorous poll. Iwant to go to Chicago just to try it. I will try and emulate it when I get home.

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