10:57am is no time to be rising when the sun has decided to come and kick back at the Brighton seaside!  It had filled my studio and was waiting patiently. I woke, tangled in damp sheets.  Surely no foe flu toxins remain in my body now!  I have 4 minutes to rouse myself before a friend makes my phone sing.  We make arrangements.  ‘Meet by the Pier’.  Two simple chores take 1.5hours to execute.  Prepare then eat breakfast.  Wash body then dress in warm clothes. 

In between 3 months worth of catch up these are a few things that caught my one good eye.


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I LOVE your comments...come share... x All photography published on this journal is by me, unless stated otherwise. Please do not use any of my images without contacting me first. Thank you for your understanding.
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