Dining out

I keep a budget, a feathery idea, a dollar or pound sign floating in the either.  I live by it when I can, to prolong my travelling lifestyle…. until I’m done.  Unfortunately, this does not allow me to eat out as often as I’d like.  Swanky joints are a rare treat.

A river of curry! Sweet & Spice at Atwater VillageOn my first day in Los Angeles I decided to try out an Indian canteen situated right at the end of my street. Indian Sweet & Spice. Their menu listings go on for reams. Looking around at my fellow diners the meal combo seemed to be the most popular choice. Being a bit partial, I opted for the dosa. I peered at the glass cabinet, stacked with morsels of Indian sweets, for a few moments, before the kindly chef sang out 'Dosa, Dosa', to signal the arrival of my meal. It was served on a paper thali plate. My cutlery was plastic. Lucky for me it is all about the taste. The spicy potato filling was mashed, the texture a little odd, the spices subtle. Duo chutneys, one red one green. The tamarind was good, the coconut was bitter...almost an 'off' taste to it. I troubled with the latter no more. The sambhar (the curry gravy) was excellent. Dense with veggies and with a mother of a kick. I dallied over each mouthful. I was stuffed as I scraped the plastic fork into near unreachable corners of my paper plate. All I left was an ochre stain. My laden tummy was in no fit state for anymore food..so I ordered the samosa...yeah, against my better/slimmer judgement. It was the shape of a teepee. Taste o vision would be a boon for this pic!

 The pastry was crisp, chewy and delicious.  The filling was less so.  That weird mashed (perhaps more ‘hashed’) potato and a few lonely peas.  A watery date and tamarind chutney livened it up and I scoffed the lot.  Whilst eating myself to an uncomfortable state of stuffedness, I read one of the newspapers, stacked underneath the largest TV I have ever seen.  Statueque, over -made up Indians danced across the screen in formation.  India Abroad.  Flicking through a few things caught my eye.

Eye opening...parents rally for suitors for their 'talented, rich, successful, handsome,' children...shouldn't prove too much of a bother then!

A Jain (vegan Indian) headed for the Deutsche bank?!

Like the vast menu at Sweets and Spice life offers so many possibilities.  So much to explore in this world…I know only a mere scraping from its surface.  I get cross at myself when fear or comfort holds me back from venturing more.  I bless the Internet, its only failing is my lack of imagination.  I curse myself for every moment I let slip by not researching rare chamelions or learning a floor shaking tribal dance.  Kick myself for playing it safe when vast deserts and steamy jungles remain a 1D image in a dusty encylopedia, packed away in box somewhere waiting for my return.  I vote for 48 hour days, teleportation, and lottery wins!  Utlised, of course, with a humble respect for the planet and zero carbon footprint.  Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream…


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