San Francisco..Pantone spring

My beloved wind turbines from the air....on my way to San Francisco

My studio is perfect..sunny with a pretty little kitchen...and a record player, Tubular Bells is playing..can you hear it?

I fell for this campervan..? I LOVE the arrow..

The other side of the camper..I found Oliver...a sweet, facinating Austrian scientist who is set to discover how cells know how to move. I loved the van, and the arrow. Oliver was sketching it. I pointed out how the colours of the van reflected the colours of the arrow..and his T-shirt......

I went to an auction for Japan..this adorable little girl was playing with the broken ceramics in the sculpture garden

Orange Poppy..the air is floral....Colour is everywhere...

Juicy orange houses

The sun is an artist....throwing some shapes

Even the cracks in the pavement hold blue dirt

Be nice to bees...without them we are no more...

I believe this to be a great camera is working overtime

Findiing alley cafes with gardens tucked under the sun...Progressive Grounds in Bernal Heights

Beautiful Blue

Honk if you think she's HAPPY!


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I LOVE your comments...come share... x All photography published on this journal is by me, unless stated otherwise. Please do not use any of my images without contacting me first. Thank you for your understanding.
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7 Responses to San Francisco..Pantone spring

  1. Princess Chrissy says:

    HONK-HONK-HONK! Glad to see the sun is shining on you. Beautiful photos. You have an eye!

  2. Charles Antony says:

    So, you went to an auction for Japan, and bought a child?????
    Loving the photos, Madge.
    With Love
    Mister Picky xx

  3. So Cal Kindred Sister says:

    Have visited Progressive Grounds–brother used to live near there. Enjoy every little thing about your stay.

  4. Hank says:

    Truly inspiring beautiful photos – you have a gift!

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