Dancing and doodles in San Francisco

My excitement at seeing Zack again, made my two legs practically fly down 24th street to Dance Mission Studio.  Zack’s Nia class had been one of the jewels of my last visit.  Each Saturday I’d happily pranced around on the dance floor, following his directions and feeling outrageously happy as I made pretty with my hands and twirled, twisted and skipped from wall to wall. 

I was thrilled when he instantly remembered my name as I ran breathlessly into the studio.   To be honest, I didn’t really need to dance to feel bright and perky, I could have just sat and watched him take the class.  Something about his face just seems  to make me feel like all is good in the world.  Not such a success was to be derived from the next activity on my agenda.  Belly dancing.  My coffee shop friend, Ruth, had suggested we give it a try. I readily agreed.  Way back in the day, let me tell you, my hip drops had been the stuff of legends….in a tiny class in Watford.  Hmm, well I guess after nearly ten years muscle memory gets a bit overloaded…it wasn’t like riding a bike, you know ‘you never forget’….my hips were just not doing what I was trying to get them to do.  My tutor, Armina, a dancing queen from the 60’s, was being patient as could be. Ruth was throwing her hips from side to side beautifully, reminding me of one of those colourful Hawaiian dolls with gyrating hips that were once all the rage, fixed on the back shelf of cars and nearly as popular as the ubiquitous nodding dog.  In the end I gave up trying and decided to just giggle A LOT.  As the time was drawing to an end I felt mentally drained from intensive trials of figure of eights and pivoting on the floor, and all I could think about was lunch. I was pooped.  I’d clocked up quite a high mileage the last few days on my various trips around the city.  The previous day I’d walked for nearly two hours to see a rather unremarkable exhibition at the Mexican Art Museum at Fort Mason…does 18 objects a museum make?!  Not to be disheartened, I made the most of my time and checked out what else was on offer in the surrounding buildings (Once the port of embarkation for military troops headed for the Pacific).  I pulled open a door that was home of The Long Now Foundation.  Curious objects constructed from steel with cogs and wheel, all part of a project to mark time for millenia..will humans even be around to witness its success?!  I attempted to read the blurbs on how everything worked..but, honestly, my brain was a sieve.  See if you fair any better..  http://longnow.org/clock/  It all looked splendid though.

Tibetan chimes, part of the Long Now Foundation and their clock that will run for 10,000 years


Here is a montage of the weekends wanderings…

Corrugated cardboard from workings of a clock..




Looking towards The Golden Gate Bridge from the marina




Spring blooms in San Francisco


Water hydrant



Man with hat outside cafe

Absorbed in a book..he struck me as a man who had many a story to tell



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