American Idol from the Hill  –   click to see him perform!

He’s the cheeky chap who planted a kiss of JLo’s cheek.  Casey Abrams is the most talked about guy in Idyllwild at the moment.  A 19 year old musician and 2009 graduate from Idyllwild Arts, with facial hair I’m sure, any man would be proud to sport.  He seems to have the X factor, his mojo working in a musical Alpha male sort of way.  though not typically  Hollywood type handsome…seems to have something.  Every Wednesday and Thursday evening, the local social club and much raved about Cafe Aroma, switches on the goggle box and the folk of the Hill (all seemingly with a tale to tell about Casey, the guy with the incredible voice and ability to play nearly every instrument there is….bet he can’t play the spoons like me…hasn’t got the thighs for it!) pack inside and scream, shout, shake their heads, gasp and laugh at this guy’s antics.  I should imagine a few ‘high fives’ ricochet around the bar too.  They are all  Idol Wild (clever ain’t it) for Casey Abrams.    Mim being interviewed before the news team head to the bar to capture the excitment of the regulars.


A few weeks ago, the camera’s chatted up my friends at the Top of Town and Mim got her face on the news.  We were hopping up and down with excitement..well, we kind of shuffled with glee.  Though, right now, Casey fever is taking a back seat in this little enclave that flanks Bubba’s book store, as Peter, the Canadian writer with the faux blonde hair and now glowing tan (real) has got his first sale at his new hang out for creative types.  APPLAUSE!  streamers airborne, party trumpets blown!  Why?  Well, Guy, an artist of much originality and passion (evident in his work…maybe it’s the poet in him and translates the personality of the poets he paints on huge canvas board?  or maybe he’s just a clever clogs!), had his first piece, barely touch dry, recently become the object of a woman from San Francisco’s desire……. which translated into SALE/DONATION numero uno! 

Casey merchandise from Cafenews

Casey will no doubt regain his position in the minds of the masses in Idyllwild once more when the sun waves ta ra tomorrow and Cafe Aroma gathers them in once more.  Who knows, I may even get touched by the Casey epidemic and sport a Casey Rocks T-shirt by the end of the week.  Go Casey (this means to win obviously..not leave…but you knew that!).  Will life in Idyllwild ever be the same again?  Well, I guess if it can recover and trundle along as normal after Elvis dazzled them all whilst on location a few years back, I guess the same will be true after Casey wins American Idol (fingers crossed).


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1 Response to American Idol from the Hill

  1. Wendy Clifford Reeves says:

    I will be watching with fingers crossed! I drove to Cafe Aroma last Wednesday with my husband and 5 year old to add our energy to the packed house, SRO i might add. Curious to see your purchase!

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