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Murmurings from a white room.

My foots steps sounded on the steel steps as I disappeared below street level.  What was I walking into?  A girl with paddle straight hair the colour of corn, sat on a picnic chair in the dimly lit entrance.  We exchanged smiles, I raised … Continue reading

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The Ex and the Dream

Something is sitting in my chest…it’s an urging, yearning…and it is very keen to get out. Ten days since I arrived in the UK and I’m at a loss.  What now?  On the flip, I’m also excited, stuff to do, people to … Continue reading

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Jerky re-entry

I keep nodding off.  My mind is a vacuous hall, freckled with sashaying white feathers.  I decided to force myself to write, attempt to gain some grounding and fulfill a need.  After writing this blog since last October, I’ve become dependant on it.  Why? … Continue reading

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Three men and a little lady

Jesus, it’s HOT right now in LA.  I’m suffering from heat exhaustion…well, probably not but I AM pooped. It’s been a day…..formed by men..not  A trio of hombres.  No..GENTLEmen.  Well two out of the three were. Beep, beep, beep, beep.  … Continue reading

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