I’ve been spending some time in St Albans, seeing a few plays, spending time with family.  On my last day I was looking around for something to do.  On a whim I grabbed my friend Keith and drove over to Butterfly World on the edge of town.

No, he isn’t squashing it (get those bendy fingers…I bet he’d make a great masseuse!) he is demonstrating the size of the butterfly.  It is a South American species and has a life span of roughly 7 months (that’s eon’s in butterfly years!).

Surrounding the butterfly house was acres of delicate wildflowers, and also some garden exhibits, an antery and soon…2013 there will be the largest butterfly biome in the WORLD!  How exciting…I’d much rather go to the America’s and see them in their natural habitat though…(it’s on my bucket list..I have a thing for funky bugs and reptiles since my trip to Borneo)  Meantime, the staff are lovely here and the place is quite magical, helping to feed my little wish to be among them in a cloud forest or see the butterflies drift through mighty baobab trees in Madagascar as I hold my breath in awe of the dancing lemurs.

Want some exciting flutterby facts that I nicked from http://www.butterflyworldproject.com/ ?

Did you know this about butterflies….?

They can weigh the same as just two rose petals, but fly thousands of miles

They taste with their feet – some even like rotting fruit

They can only see the colours red, green and yellow

Butterflies are related to crabs and lobsters! This is because they have skeletons on the outside of their bodies

Also, the guy at Butterfly World St Albans told me when they start to lose the fine dust (scales) that covers them they are starting to die.  The lifespan ranges from 2 weeks to 7 months.   More butterfly facts here…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Butterfly

Some pics from the design gardens

continuing my corrugated cardboards fettish

I wish the sun had been shining, these pics would have had more va va bloom!






















































































































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4 Responses to Flutterbys

  1. Can you explain what the cylinder made of corrugated cardboard disks is?

    Steve Schwartzman

  2. Princess Chrissy in California says:

    They’re stunning photos, and you look happy and healthy!

  3. Ah. Now I see it. Yes, they are clever.

    Just the other day I learned that bulrushes is the name used in Britain and other English-speaking countries for what we Americans usually call cattails.

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