Boating on the rooftops of London

up on the roof

This was the view I had as I merrily rowed (she’s lying she struggled and rowed around and around in circles before getting jammed in the waterfall!) on the flourescant green lake on the roof of Londons famous department store!  What?  Read about it here…

A trip to London was sorely needed.  A fortnight ago I had been on a mission.  I felt fired up, creative and my kitchen was a foodie’s palate, wafts of wonderful aromas snaked around the walls.  I tried, tested 21 recipes in 7 days for my food blog.

It was fun, kept me occupied, gave me purpose, my right and left brain worked in harmony.  This week I had challenges of a different kind…I was up and down like jumping bean.  Hella happy….directionless….engaged (in life..not the rock on my finger, starry-eyed kind)….lonely…productive (began the outline for my submission letter to a publisher for my postcard book)….fruitless (took up many distractions to not finalize it)….confident and then vulnerable.  Argh, I needed to get me to London, to people watch, snap little squares of life, to flaneur, to be inspired by art, buildings stained with exhaust fumes, wonder at £1000 handbags in designer stores, and be full of LIFE.  I went.  It was a tonic.  I was renewed!  Oh to have even a fraction (a sizeable fraction) of the £161 million pounds won from the Euro Lottery by a couple in Scotland this week!  I would have chic apartments in the cities I love, go to places where life tumbles and twists outside my door.

After descending from the lake on the roof I took myself for a wander....

marvelled at the awesome talent exhibited in this years National Portrait Gallery competition and nearly got thrown out on my ear for taking this photo!

enjoying the lines where now and before stand shoulder to shoulder

It gets me all....

I stop, refuel at a random 'pop up' urban physic garden in a quiet backstreet


colourful people....stories not yet heard

lips that may tell


the walls have mouths

love London

AND San Francisco...AND the hills of Silverlake....AND...AND


What do you LOVE most about your favourite city?


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I LOVE your comments...come share... x All photography published on this journal is by me, unless stated otherwise. Please do not use any of my images without contacting me first. Thank you for your understanding.
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One Response to Boating on the rooftops of London

  1. carrie m says:

    These photos are beautiful, India Leigh. They went very well with my morning coffee! I’ve never been to London, so it was great to see a side you don’t see in the guidebooks 🙂

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