Exploring Popularity…and my love affair with London continued

Excitement is mounting today….the library have emailed to inform me on the arrival of my stack of research books.  Woo hoo and whipcrackaway! My next few weeks will be filled with discovery, anthropology and humour.  I’ve selected 3 biographies of popular people (in my eyes they are… and some kind of make me sigh and come over all serene when I think about them or just spark an involuntary nod of deep respect…I’m not talking world revolutionaries here..just your comparatively average, followed many, Joe) and a couple of writings about the subject…from a ‘I’m at A, do I want/need to get to B’, type standpoint.

If you want to start at the beginning of my current, ponderings and research of this tangled condrum…go click here…https://indialeigh.wordpress.com/2011/08/20/temporarily-experiencing-junkyard-head/ and if you like that then there are 2 subsequent posts after that, and before this one (have i just confused you?!)      

In the meantime, I wanted to let my enthusiasm evangelise on the screen about www.MeetUP.com.  Oh my giddy Aunt (I do actually have a giddy Aunt but, in this instance, I am using the popularised term, expressing surprise… and have got tired of saying OMG..it’s SO passe!) I was in London again yesterday meeting some nice folk who travel and blog.   I cannot tell you how good it feels to me to be finding people who think/act like me.  I guess we all need a common bond (or do we?..what do YOU think?).  Perhaps my failure in the past was due to lack of strategic friend finding and also the rather deluded hope that I would somehow, due to some sort of invisible magic and a half-arsed belief that I was worthy..DIGRESSION WARNING(hey, let me tell you this raises up incrementally…I used to think I was doggypoo and now I have risen to ‘she aint so bad..I quite like her actually’…yesterday, as I frantically drove to the station to catch the train into London I was shocked at how I shouted at myself for being ‘such a stupid cow’ ..I know..that’s not nice..for taking the wrong shortcut and had to back up the LONGcut…I then without fear (much) of looking like a loony and as no one could hear me anyway, started offering support and telling myself it was ok as we can all act like complete eejits at times and make mistakes..don’t worry sugar, I soothed, I still think you are fab…BREAKTHROUGH..ain’t that nice?!)..DIGRESSION END…and so my company would be sought with excitement.   NOW, I am all up for DIRECT TARGET friendships, via shared interests.  The failure rate is bound to be greatly reduced and the act in itself will just bring more fun.  Do I see?…yes, yes I do..that is one of those WIN WIN situations.  I like those.  Talking of WIN WIN, as we were, my intention to make peace with humans will also help those, who like me who seek common ground, as I will be part of the building of numbers of people who are enjoying the company of others.  They are looking to make friends too, right? Or, in the very least, pass an hour or two in shared company?!  No one.  NO ONE should ever be lonely..alone (and content yes…this I believe is beneficial to our health) but LONELY no..it is a state of utter crapness that is intolerable (but, as I say, if you act on it then the silver linings are shiny LIFE BLING)

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Londinium?  I’ll share some more pictures here whilst I go off to do some more reading, observing and thinking about POPULARITY.  Also, with my friend’s permission, I share his thoughts on what POPULARITY means….

‘When I think of the word popular, I think of it as reaching a state where one no longer has to put effort into having people around, that people seek out one’s company with minimal effort needed by the holder of the popularity in order to maintain such a status.  Yet part of the value of reaching the goal of “popularity” would be the requirement to make an effort, to others feel valuable by virtue of your seeking them out or taking pains to provide them with good feelings in one’s presence. It seems like the value of popularity is the process of getting there.  But then isn’t true happiness always about the process and not the goal?  Not sure if I even made a point… :)’    I think he made a very valuable and wise point, don’t you?!  I am so LUCKY having such thoughtful and darn nice friends – (though, dagnamit, this one is 3000 miles away).

My picture share;

I swear London last Sunday was doing a very good impression of summer. There were people laughing and having fun all over the shop.  Quite unBritish behaviour!  I was fairly humming with happiness. 

You don’t have to go all the way to Thailand for golden temples. This one, a Royal memorial to Victoria and Albert, is in Hyde Park London (http://www.royalparks.gov.uk/Hyde-Park.aspx). This park is stunning, well tended and attended – skaters, bikers, picnickers, lovers, kids chasing ducks and talented, soulful buskers – if you need to feel part of life – go to a park I love wandering around, scooting up alleyways to see where they lead, following my feet

 Sometimes I have lovely moments where I’ll talk with strangers. I had a beautiful, well-groomed Italian man offer to walk with me for a while, to take me to an exhibition I was headed to after I lost my bearings. I was running late so was forced to catch a tube – something I try not to do as I don’t then discover how all the streets link up that way.. So, I had to ask directions and he gallantly came to my rescue.


Sitting under the infamous millennium Bridge, outside the Tate was a guy who caught my eye..not because of a chiselled jaw, or laissez-faire, Sunday stubble that usually catches my eye…no it was because he was displaying, totally unabashed, a rather fulsome paunch (the curve of which reminded me of my dear old pa’s). He was busily sketching and oblivious to the constant flow of human traffic. Curious, I stopped and watched him in awe.  His hand darted over the page, inserting lines, drawing shapes…his eye hardly ever looked at his subject matter. He seemed unaware of anyone taking an interest in him.  I asked him how long he had been an artist, as I tried not to stare at his curious necklace of coloured hairbands.  He told me he’d been drawing since the 80’s. ‘What gives you the biggest thrill to draw?’ I asked. ‘Rolls Royce cars’, came his reply. I was a gushing fool for his work and told him so. He quietly handed me a folder and he said they were for sale. I thought them all incredibly brilliant. I couldn’t believe it when all he wanted for them was the equivalent cost of a cup of green tea. I felt very, very fortunate. I am sorry that my photo skills came a cropper (pardon the pun) here but the light was on my screen and I didn’t want to trouble him and ask him to move about like a Barbie to get a better picture.


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