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Vintage Amstrad Computer

Located on the banks of the Thames, a short walk from Tower Bridge, is the Design Museum London ( .  It had been on my wish list of places to visit for a while but, it not being a free gig (£10), it had not been at the top of my list but a couple of weeks ago I decided to splash out and go see the This is Design exhibition.

The building itself is pretty dang gorgeous (in my humble opinion), boxy and airy.  A cafe and shop on the ground flour open up  onto the Thames Walkway (, with great views of the Capital’s river and the contemporary art installations on the bankside.  The day we went their were people dancing around in silence at the Silent Dance Festival (you wear headphones…one could say it is a bit introspective but people were dancing together) and a girl taking a giant rabbit on a lead for a walk.  Random.

The museum is the sort of place to go if you want to slow the pace a bit.  Or snigger at the relics of our near history.  Vintage radios, kitchen gadgetry, a London cab, once again hip retro chairs, and a table space invaders you can actually play are just some of the objects to peak at.

Space Invaders - for those who can remember or those who want to see where the computer game sprung fromA prototype digital clock from back in the day that surprisingly never went into production.

The museum also houses work from new designers.  One of the objects was a motorized clock that only showed the time when you created motion in front of it such as a statuesque Dutch girl who was leaping from left to right to get it to display the time.  Unfortunately the reveal is brief and she got camera shy after a few attempts for me to capture it.  You’ll just have to use your imagination…or go there.

The fleeting time piece


On November 16th, they are marking Terence Conran’s 80th birthday with an exhibition, ‘The Way We Live Now’.  I’ll be going to see it.  I wonder if these two naked rowers will still be trying to boat the Thames…..

Larking about on the river



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