Sense of Taste @ GV art LONDON

wondrously beautiful SWEET Barrier Reef

As part of the I manage to bag myself a free ticket to an exhibition opening at, located yards from Baker Street, London.  The gallery houses works by artists that use science to investigate the human condition and mans legacy to the environment.

Ken + Julia Yonetani were showcasing their work, inspired by sugar & and the effect that human consumption is having on the eco-system in  Australia, where they currently reside.

Artist Ken Yonetani. I didn't take a picture of his wife because I'd embarrassed myself by asking her an administration question wrongly thinking her to be the curator. Oops. Honest gaff though.

The dark had already arrived on the early winter evening and the tiny gallery glowed from inside.  The effect was stunning upon entry. Coral was formed entirely from sugar and gum arabic, with the lighting and the hush in the gallery I became quite emotional. It took me back to magical moments snorkeling at the Barrier Reef in Cairns in 2003. 

The couple wanted to highlight the connection between human desire and the environmental impact on the extensive farming of sugar cane adjacent to the GBR. The chemical run-off is killing of parts of the delicate eco-system of the reef.  Showing sugar doesn’t just harm humans!

Downstairs 3D artworks of white framed feasts and a table abundant with feasting foods, connected a culture of plenty to the effect on the water table in Western Australia.  The Murray river is the third largest navigable river in the world. It is also the greatest source of agriculture in Oz.  The felling of native woodland and forest to make way for farming land has caused the water-table to rise, bringing with it deep ground salt deposits. This is increasing the salinity of the farmland and threatening the very crops that the river feeds.

Hauntingly entitled Still Life

Sense of Taste is showing at GV Art until November 22nd, 2011


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