Visionary Art at The Strand Gallery London

Kaleidoscopic photographic art

If you are in the vicinity of Charing Cross station anytime between now and the 12th November 2011, feel like you want to stand still for a moment, recharge and meditate on words that seem to be direct from the Horses mouth (with a capital H.  H for Him) then you could spend a tranquil 10 minutes loosing yourself in visionary photographic art at The Strand Gallery . I’ve not the first idea how Belle Mary Hithersay, artist and actress, creates her work but it is mesmeric and may, momentarily, sweep you away with the fairies.  When you step back out onto the street you may, as I did, have a inkling that something inside you had just been roused and given a polish.

 Map: The Strand Gallery

Other photography exhibitions in November:

It is Photomonth at galleries, cafes, markets (even an osteopath’s waiting room) and trendy boutiques around London’s East End for the whole of November.  I’ve visited a sampling and the collections vary across  subjects and ideas. For the most part they are, in my opinion, quality.  For details go to


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