You Are Beautiful

what is art?……an experience to rouse and/or comfort you…..perhaps?


Following your feet and being aimless can be a fun activity.  It can lead you to places you didn’t know you needed to be.

My mind needed some time off.  Many hours clocked in the library and the coffee shop which lets you read their magazines whilst you sip tea, is filling my head and my black, food journal with ideas.  The research for my cookbook is gathering momentum. I feel what I want it be…but I putting together the knowing.  It’s formation is like a shattered mirror being filmed in reverse.   Momentarily, I could not take in one more fact about chiles or devour another morsel of  the history of pie…  I was full.  Wandering down The Mission, the hippest District in San Francisco, my interest was captured by the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts.  Besides dance classes, printmaking and art classes they had an exhibition on.  Running from now until Feb 25, 2012 – You Are Beautiful is ‘an anonymous collective of community based projects and interventions, using drawings, photographs, found objects, sound and installations to engage this fundamental concept in innovative ways’.

Word on the street


Blank books were sent randomly for people to fill with whatever reaction 'YOU ARE' invocked


some of the responses…



The exhibition is part of a mushrooming, international campaign of optimism. After the exhibition the works will be installed in the streets of San Francisco. Creating pockets of art in random places to remind us all.    Let us see ‘Occupy Yourself’ demonstrations staged around the world.

The imaginative ways the message was expressed by young and old was incredible and inspiring.  I was quite overcome when  I wandered back out into the sun.  To witness others, witnessing their essence is nothing short of mighty. 


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