Tea and Tarot

You’ve heard the saying, ‘one thing leads to another’?  Well, despite it being bloody obvious, of course it is true.  A night out with some new friends and I get the tip-off about ‘this brilliantly accurate tarot guy, that sits in a tea lounge doing tarot’.  It sounded a bit of a giggle and quite inexpensive, so I thought I’d give it a go.

I walked up and down some hills with a crazy incline, on my way from Noe Valley to 18th & Sanchez.  Enjoyed an eye-popping view of the sparkling lights of the Bay en-route.  I’d been a bit all over the place lately, literally and well, literally.  My writing had been on hold as I had ‘work dates’ with new friends, been feasting on some inspiring cinema (more about that soon), went on a petit road trip to the coast (more about that later too) and, typically just filled the day with adventures.  I was due some harnessing of my energy to get some ‘direction’.  Question marks dotted the air around my head.  ‘Am I on the right track?’  ‘Can I build a life in America? (please!), et al.

A friend and I met at a moodily lit tea lounge, on the skirts of The Castro, called Samovar.  Not your typical mug of rosie-lee and hot toast type of tea room, but a trendy hang out for connoseiurs of your camellia sinensis.  At $10 per pot it isn’t cheap but a pot shared between two, some plinky music and good chat and it is a pleasant way to spend an evening.   We eagerly awaited the arrival of the tarot master whilst sipping our ‘turmeric spice’ tea from tiny earthenware cups.

Rowan (mr tarot) arrived just as my friend, tired from her day, was strapping on her bike hat.  It meant I had Rowan all to myself.  We sat on silk cushions on the window seat.  I liked him upon sight and secretly wished he’d by one of my troupe of treasured BFF’s. He felt so comfy to be with.

Butterflies where playing around in my stomach.  I didn’t feel nervous though…could’ve been the tea!  I did feel curious and excited.  He instructed me to mix up the cards on the table, whilst I thought of the questions I sought answers too.  I then picked out the cards I felt would ‘speak’ to me.  Rowan placed them in their relevant rows.  He turned them over, considered their message, and what he told me was so…….No.  That’s for me to know.  Let me just say, Rowan is such fun and I thought it a mystical and engaging way to spend some time.  AND my future is ALL good.  If it transpires how the cards foretold, I do not yet know.  I did feel I had better clarity.  I was also told that my ideas to be a cloystered nun for the rest of my life, are quite frankly, daft (she lets out a wistful sigh).  For two days I mooned around like a teenager, wondering if my Prince was going to come find me…….  I then pulled myself together and got on with the business of enjoying what I do have, and my current adventures in San Francisco.

Time will tell if what the cards said come to being.  When they do I shall let you know.

If you want the Wow Tarot experience with the engaging and convivial Rowan Cutler www.wowtarot.com  

For tea with glamour www.samovarlife.com


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