Ideas for free/inexpensive things to do in London – Spring Forth!

My mind is a bit rattled right now.  Information overload is tugging on my skirts like a child demanding immediate attention.  I’m going to do the equivalent to a telling it to ‘go out and play’, whilst I attempt to remember which way is up!

So, here are some events and ideas that have been pricking my interest and nagging for some attention. 

First up –    Events all over the UK but you can specify an area – LONDON>   that give you a sample of differing activities from Archery to windsailing, or perhaps a singing lesson or learn to play a rift.  Lots going on.  Here’s the concept in their words ‘Living in a big city can be incredibly exciting with lots of amazing things to do, but with so much going on, sometimes it can be difficult to do much more than the normal routine. TasterLab aims to fix this conundrum by helping you discover a new hobby or passion that can become part of your lifestyle by tasting them, for free, or at massively discounted prices’.

Second, is the Southbank. I love the Southbank and have frequently waxed lyrical about it’s fun events.  They’ve got a ‘Wide Open School’ scheduled in June, featuring participatory snippets of the flavour of grandeur from the worlds of art and science, happening at the Hayward Gallery

They’ve got all many exploratory, and some a little weird, workshops – You can paint, talk space, get involved in the conceptualization of size and proportions…. or even ‘explore the story of the world as reduced to two dimensions, from Alberti to Pixar’.   Lots more.  I would tell you about them all but my skirt is now being tugged from the hand of another source, and I’ve a tangent to go off on.

Let me know if you attend any of the delights being cooked up for your amusement.  No doubt I’ll get around to booking some myself.

I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be a fantastic summer!


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