A single, teetotal, geekette, girls guide to being single in the City.  ‘How to’s’, Tips and tricks for thriving as a single girl.


4 Responses to About

  1. Feather Ives says:

    Wonderful. I believe you’re English? I’m going to read all of your posts. I love your story so much. Isn’t it all about being inspired and positive? Lovely to meet you, Leigh. I think that’s your name. 🙂

    • indialeigh says:

      I am SO excited that you are going to be reading my posts and that you love my story, even though I’m no where near as adventurous and trusting as you (at the moment). Yes, I agree..inspired and positive. I became vegan, gave up alcohol and a bunch of other life changing stuff 11 years ago and then became a life coach and therapist, tried to set up cooking classes to help others find out how AWESOME life can be when the shutters are up..it didn’t really work out, and for a while I was bummed about it and then I thought…I’m just going to be me and become the best me I can and live happily…if the net effect is people being influenced by it..GRAND..if not, well at least I’m one less soul for God to worry about.
      Your writing shows, more than anything the power of following your intuition, however bizzare or large the curve ball. HEARTY APPLAUSE. I’m following my heart to find a writing career but I’m open to a magical curve ball or two along the way. Keep up the writing, keep me posted!


  2. Hello Inda-Leigh, I’m so pleased you discovered storytelling at the Brighton festival! Do you live in Brighton? ….or…. London? I hope you say Brighton because I run a monthly storytelling night here, it would be great to have you come along with your new-found storytelling skills from Lynne Ruth’s workshop! I also run the odd workshop for people who want to tell stories at my night. If you like storytelling I’m sure you would also like my show in the fringe…. The Battle of the Trees…. http://christinecooperartist.tumblr.com/BoT

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