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Touchdown – Single girl in America

Do you believe in great omens? I do.  You know when life just glides, like you’re wearing woollen socks on a polished wood floor, and you can’t help but throw a sideways slide, complete with Fred Astaire arms.  Yes, you know what … Continue reading

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Mutant lemons

Plans for the day…they were few in number and all to do with food.  Steam one of the sweet tamales (mexican masa roll..suffed with various fillings..I enthuse about them often in my food blog…www.aveganobsession.blogspot.com), and devour; experiment making spicy kale … Continue reading

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Christmas day in LA

My eyes did not see Christmas in Silverlake today.  Sure, the houses were tied with ubiquitous streams of coloured tinsel, Santa was depicted on many 2D plastic signs and Cable TV had a 24hour Xmas channel, devoted to a picture of a roaring fire, with seasonal tunes … Continue reading

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